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Doping Control

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The mission of the Organizing Committee 22nd Asian Athletics Championships 2017 is to implement an effective Doping Control programme during the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships 2017 being held at Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


The Doping Control programme for the Championships is athlete centered with the main aim of providing confidence to the athletes that are competing on a ‘Fair playing Field’ and at the same time, to act as a deterrent to athletes and their support staff from competing unfairly and putting the athlete’s welfare at risk. Also, to ensure that athletes are not competing whilst under the influence of performance enhancing substances or methods. Rule violation can be both analytical (finding of Prohibited substance in the body fluid) or non-analytical (infringement of other Anti- Doping Rules as per the WADA rules)


The Doping Control programme to be implemented for the 22nd Asian Athletics Championships 2017 will be collaborative efforts of:IAAF, AAA, AFI ,22nd AACOC and National Anti-Doping Agency(India).

Testing Authority

The AAA has the authority to test the competing athletes during in-competition as well as out of competition for substances and methods prohibited by WADA enlisted on ‘The List of Prohibited Substances and Methods 2017’. The selection of the athletes may be based on the final positions, random as well as target under the guidance of Doping Control Delegate for the Championships.

The AFI promotes the shared values of integrity, fair play, competence, commitment to excellence including fight against the use of drugs in sports and of unhealthy or performance enhancing substances and methods. All adverse analytical findings and evidence of other anti-doping rule violations will be handled as per the IAAF Anti-Doping Rules. The Doping Control Delegate appointed by the AAA will authorize selection of athletes, supervise sample collection procedures and review adverse and unusual analytical findings and any other Anti-Doping Rule violations and will refer potential Anti-Doping Rule violations to AAA and IAAF.

Test Distribution Plan

TDP will be done by the Doping Control Delegate appointed by the AAA. Ratification of any national Record by an athlete will be done on a payment basis. The request for ratification must be made in writing and submitted to TIC immediately after the athlete’s event is over.

Therapeutic Use Exemption(TUE)

The TUE Committee will acknowledge the receipt of TUE from athletes in the leadup to the Championships. The TUE Committee will also process applications of TUEs from athletes who have not obtained a TUE from their relevant National Anti-Doping Organization(NADO) or IAAF and will forward it to the IAAF for processing.

Approved Laboratory

The collected Doping Control samples will be sent for analysis to NDTL, New Delhi, India (WADA accredited laboratory). The laboratory shall analyze Doping Control samples and report results in conformity with the International Standard for Laboratories.

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