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Religious Places

Pilgrimage in Odisha (Orissa)

Dotted with temples and architectural wonders, the holy land of Odisha (Orissa) is flocked round the year by the pilgrims Read More >>

Temples in Odisha (Orissa)

Known world over for its architectural wonders, Odisha (Orissa) houses some of the best temples in the country Read More >>

Jagannath Temple (Puri)

Belonging to the 11th century and enjoying the honor of being one of the 'char dhams' Read More >>

Legend of Jagannath Temple

According to the legend, Indrayumna, the king of Malava in Sata Yuga, was a great devotee of Vishnu Read More >>

Architecture of Jagannath Temple

The architecture of the temple follows the pattern of many Orissan temples of the classical period Read More >>

Konark Sun Temple

One of the most stunning monuments of religious significance, a true masterpiece of architecture proudly stands in the form of Sun Temple at Konark Read More >>

Brahmeshwar Temple

Architecturally, the temples of Bhubaneshwar can be resolved into three broad styles as rekha, pidha and khakhara Read More >>

Mukteswar Temple

Mukteswar Temple -- An important landmark to the architectural development in Odisha (Orissa) Read More >>

Parasurameswar Temple

Built in the 7th century, the Parasurameswar Temple is small but lavishly decorated. Enclosed within a compound wall, the deul Read More >>

Rajarani Temple

Set amidst the well maintained gardens, the 11th century Rajarani Temple is famous for its sculpted figures Read More >>

Vaital Deul Temple

One of the oldest temples (late 8th century), Vaital Deul Temple’s striking feature is the shape of its sanctuary tower. Read More >>

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